Delridge is not “just like” other supportive housing project sites

It turns out that Delridge actually has significant differences from other supportive housing project sites in the number and variety of neighborhood amenities and access to transit. I would like to present an overview of the amenities of the five sites that I am comparing. Note that this analysis is based solely on what I am able to observe from Google mapping and/or site visits and may not be an exhaustive list. However, I will include the Google map link for each location and you can scroll around and decide for yourself.

Nyer Urness House
Compass Housing Alliance
1753 NW 56th Street in Ballard
80 units, currently under construction
More project information
Link to Google map

Note the proximity to the heart of Ballard, with countless restaurants, coffee shops, and retail stores. Also walking distance to multiple grocery stores, pharmacies, a medical clinic, and hospital.  Multiple bus routes run within 1 block of the site. For more information about the area, you can refer to the 27 page analysis of the site. (Not to belabor the point, but why doesn’t Delridge get a 27 page analysis?)

1811 Eastlake
Downtown Emergency Service Center
1811 Eastlake Avenue, Eastlake/South Lake Union
75 units, completed in 2005
More project information
Link to Google map

Note the proximity to the neighborhood center of Eastlake to the north, as well as the waterfront and the amenities of the South Lake Union neighborhood to the south. Amenities within walking distance include a grocery store, fitness center, bank, bakery, and multiple coffeeshops and restaurants. Multiples bus routes and the South Lake Union Streetcar serve the area.

Rainier House
Downtown Emergency Service Center
5270 Rainier Avenue South in Columbia City
50 units, completed in 2007
More project information
Link to Google map

Note the proximity to the vibrant Columbia City area, with numerous restaurants, shops, and neighborhood services. Local amenities such as a famer’s market, ice cream shop, and bookstore are available within walking distance. Also close by are a pharmacy and hospital. Multiple bus routes serve the area.

Aurora Supportive Housing
Downtown Emergency Service Center
10507 Aurora Ave N
75 units, under construction
More project information
Link to Google map

While the immediate neighborhood is a little “sketchy”, with convenience stores, check cashing outlet, pawn shop, and strip joint, there are actually other useful amenities nearby, including grocery stores, movie theaters, bank, fitness center, and multiple restaurants. The site is also approximately one mile from Northgate Mall and a hospital and is served by multiple bus routes.

Delridge Supportive Housing
Downtown Emergency Service Center
5434-5444 Delridge Way SW
75 units, site to be purchased by December 1, 2011, construction 2012
More project information
Link to Google map

There are three convenience store/gas stations, two restaurants, a used tire shop, hair salon, car repair business, and preschool within the three blocks that comprise the Brandon Node neighborhood center. Also within the Brandon Node are the Delridge Library and soon-to-be-moved neighborhood service center. There are multiple vacant commercial retail spaces. There are no readily accessible grocery stores or hospitals. Note that to either side of Delridge Way SW there are two or three blocks of single-family residential land that is bounded on the east and west edge by slopes too steep for development, which also serve to separate the area topographically from other West Seattle neighborhoods. The area is served by a single north-south commuter bus route. Delridge is also the only supportive housing site that is classified by the USDA as a “food desert”.


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